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Throughout the month of September, Biodex Medical Systems Inc offers resources, support, and events to encourage medical facilities and wellness centers to help prevent falls in their communities.

The activities are part of Falls Prevention Awareness Day on September 22, sponsored by the National Council on Aging (NCOA) to raise awareness about ways to help prevent fall-related injuries among older adults.

By administering a computerized fall risk screening test using Biodex Balance System SD or its portable counterpart, the BioSway, therapists can screen patients for balance deficiencies and help stop falls before they happen.

When fall risk is detected, therapists can recommend a program to help patients develop the muscle strength and balance necessary for them to walk more safely, the company notes in a media release.

“Balance is a crucial component to healthy aging,” says Larry Lemberger, Biodex director of Field Sales & National Accounts, in the release. “Biodex developed these devices to ensure patients and therapists had objective data to support their fall risk assessments.”

As part of the month’s activities, Biodex is offering a fall prevention photo contest for customers who use its balance system. To participate, participants just need to send a photo of how their facility is using Biodex balance technology to help prevent falls among older adults.

The best photo will win a $100 Amazon gift card.

“Falls are serious, but we love to see our balance users have a good time at these screenings,” Lemberger adds. “The photo contest is just a fun way to show how you’re making an impact.”

To participate in the contest, submit a photo by September 30.

For more information, visit Biodex Fall Risk Screening & Conditioning Program.

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