Magee Rehabilitation Hospital announces the receipt of a $15,000 grant from the Comcast Foundation to support assistive technology for its adolescent and young adult patients.

The grant will be used to provide services to help the young patients at the Philadelphia area’s Magee Rehabilitation Hospital participate in various life activities via assistive technology. Magee features an Assistive Technology Suite for Adolescent or Young Adult Patients (AYA room) that is designed specifically for this use by the hospital’s young patients who are recovering from traumatic injuries.

For example, explains a media release from Magee Rehabilitation Hospital, assistive technologies can help people with disabilities access the Internet and play video games, enabling patients to engage with their peers on social media, receive academic tutoring, or engage in other activities that contribute to their quality of life. Assistive technologies can also contribute to the patients’ therapy by encouraging them to move their arms, torso, head, and feet.

“Comcast is pleased to support Magee Rehabilitation Hospital in making assistive technology available to young patients with disabilities. This technology enables them to participate in school, pursue career goals, engage in social media, and take part in other life-enriching activities,” says Comcast Regional Vice President of Community Investment, Robert Smith, in the release.

“Magee is committed to healing the whole patient: mind, body, and spirit,” states Dr Jack Carroll, president and CEO of Magee Rehabilitation Hospital, a founding member of the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation’s NeuroRecovery Network, in the release.

“Assistive technology offers young patients the opportunity to explore, socialize, and be themselves—all essential to helping these patients manage the emotional adjustment to their injury or disability.”

[Source: Magee Rehabilitation Hospital]