East Coast-based concierge home health care provider Alliance Homecare unveils its new rebranding campaign, which features a new approach to providing care.

This new approach includes three streamlined service levels and the provision of multiple complimentary screenings in interdisciplinary areas, according to a media release.

These service levels are: Alliance Assist (Basic Homecare with the Alliance Personal Touch), created for clients who don’t need extensive oversight; Alliance Concierge (Comprehensive Homecare with Integrative Services), created for those who prefer more extensive hands-on care management; and Alliance Nursing (ICU Quality Nursing for the Home), in which registered nurses travel to Alliance clients’ homes to deliver hospital-quality healthcare.

“Over the last decade, our team has strived to revolutionize the way homecare operates by developing what we refer to as ‘Concierge Homecare’ — a concept that puts the livelihood and well-being of the client and his/her family above all else,” says Greg Solometo, co-founder and CEO of Alliance Homecare, in the release.

“This business model integrates technology and human empathy with an ecosystem of professional services in the home, resulting in high level outcomes for our clients and their families.”

The new service levels are available now. By Fall 2017, Alliance Homecare plans to launch an in-home technology platform for Concierge and Nursing clients and their families designed to help them stay connected with the entire care team 24/7 as well as enjoy interactive content.

Alliance Homecare serves clients and families in New York City, Long Island, Westchester, and the Lower Hudson Valley.

[Source(s): Alliance Homecare, PRWeb]