Peak Pilates, Boulder, Colo, announces the launch of the new MVe Complete Workout System. Unlike anything available at clubs or Pilates studios today, this system boasts the MVe Fitness Chair, a re-imagined breed of Pilates equipment set in a high-energy, group-class format with heart-pumping music. It also comes with turnkey instructor training and programming.

“We are committed to consistently bringing a new level of excitement to Pilates,” says Julie Lobdell, president and CEO of Peak Pilates. “We have done this with our single-source solutions and today I’m proud of our next step, the MVe Complete Workout System. This system will drive class participation, attract new members, increase profits and keep people coming back for more.”

This system features the MVe Fitness Chair, featuring an integration of multi-level resistance and stackable design with a modest footprint weighing just over 30 pounds. It requires no dedicated space but fuels more than 100 exercises. The multilevel resistance settings allow instructors to modify classes for varying abilities or specialty sports programs.

The MVe Complete Workout System builds upon popular fitness trends predicted in a 2006 study released by the American Council on Exercise, the company reports. It combines balance training, sports-specific training, and core training in a group fitness environment. Clubs can offer infinite mixes of these types of classes with a minimal investment in instruction time and no dedicated space. The complete workout system is designed to demystify teaching Pilates, so any trainer can teach MVe classes.

The complete package includes: innovative instructor education tools including on-site and off-site workshops, educational manual and DVD, virtual audio trainer, and music CDs. Follow-along workout DVDs and cue cards detailing pre-programmed classes are also available. The MVe Fitness Chair is a complete turnkey solution with cost-effective instruction, education and programming.

“As a trainer and club operator we need to do a better job of finding ways to improve the health and conditioning of our overworked and time-starved population,” says Shannon Grifiths-Fable, group fitness director, Lakeshore Athletic Club. “The MVe Complete Workout System spans demographics and skill levels. It can be easily modified to fit the needs of the deconditioned or aging. Plus, it is a Pilates program, and promotes the affinity group lifestyle which keeps people coming back.”

[SOURCE: Business Wire, July 2006]