HALO-from-OPTPOPTP, headquartered in Minneapolis, has announced the availability of two new HALO weighted headbands, engineered to strengthen the neck and alleviate pain linked to injury or poor posture.

The REJUVENATOR and POSTURE headbands are intended to assist neuromuscular re-education to restore proper neck posture and improve overall neck health.

The HALO REJUVENATOR targets the even distribution of 1 pound of weight around the circumference of the head. The company notes that wearing the product like a standard headband and maintaining a neutral neck posture allows the body’s proprioceptors to relearn how to properly hold the neck. Users can perform various exercises while wearing the product to combat damage caused by years of improper sitting habits.

Users requiring advanced neck exercise may also benefit from the HALO POSTURE, which places 1 or 2 pounds on only half of the circumference of the head, allowing the weight to be worn in the front, back, or side. OPTP emphasizes that the product is intended only for use under professional direction.

For more information, visit www.optp.com.

[Source: OPTP]