A new set of video-based online health care courses featuring live footage from senior care settings and designed to provide information about key topics such as fall prevention, is now available through Tampa, Fla-based online education provider Care2Learn.com. According to the company, the series was developed specifically for frontline caregivers, including CNAs. The 25 video-based courses were recently added to Care2Learn’s web-based health care eLearning library and aim to educate individuals about a number of key topics including fall prevention, dementia care, abuse and neglect, pressure ulcers, and practicing person-centered care.

“This video series is another example of high-quality, media-rich courses that meet the needs of our students who prefer to learn in an audio/visual format,” Matt Casey, PhD, vice president of content for Care2Learn says. “…It is a part of our industry-leading, mobile-compatible offering that allows learners to take or review courses without relying on a desktop computer,” Casey adds.

A news release reports that 22 courses of the 25 created are currently available. The remaining three will be made available soon and will highlight infection prevention and control, assessment and management of pain, and medications in seniors including psychotropics.

For more information, visit http://www.Care2Learn.com

Source: Care2Learn