Griswold Home Care, a provider of services to help adults age in place, launches, a website designed to offer resources, tips, and inspiration to professional, volunteer, and family caregivers.

The website also links to pages of the Institute for Professional Care Education (IPCed) and the Family Caregiver Alliance, a nonprofit support group for caregivers.

Additional features include quotes and testimonials from professional and nonprofessional caregivers, career and salary information, job openings within Griswold Home Care, and a feature called “Ask Allegra,” in which 35-year GHC caregiver Allegra Chaney shares advice in response to visitors’ questions, according to a media release from Griswold Home Care.

“Griswold Home Care has long been committed to ensuring quality care for our clients, going back to our company’s founding by Jean Griswold, and we’ve taken that wealth of collective experience to assist caregivers both within and outside of the Griswold family,” said Matt Murphy, president and CEO of Griswold Home Care, in the release.

“We developed to be a lighthouse and source of information for caregivers and those looking to enter the field.”

[Source(s): Griswold Home Care, Business Wire]