The Amputee Coalition, headquartered in Knoxville, Tenn, will reportedly host a series of specialized educational events for the limb loss community, April 21. The events are a part of the Limb Loss Education Days (LLED), which will be held at the Gwinnet County Fairgrounds in Atlanta, Ga, during April, National Limb Loss Awareness Month. The Amputee Coalition reports in a recent news release that LLED will feature activities, educational seminars, and interaction between support groups, healthcare providers, and the limb loss community at large.

Kendra Calhoun, president and CEO, emphasizes that the organization’s goal is to reach a wider base of amputees through its programs and services. “By bringing one-day programs to smaller regions, we hope to reach amputees who have not attended our national conference, while also staying connected to our long-time friends that are regularly present at our programs,” Calhoun says.

The news release adds that April Limb Loss Education Day is held in association with Orthotic Prosthetic Activities Foundation, Inc, (OPAF), Waterloo, Iowa, and First Clinics McKeever’s First Ride, one of eight adaptive clinics nationwide. 

The April event, the Amputee Coalition says, will feature an adaptive exercise clinic by Carol Miller, PT, PhD, GCS, Limb Loss 101 by Julie Scuttles, and a session titled, The Most Important Feet In The World—Yours!  by Bob Thompson, CPED, Institute for Preventative Foot Health.

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Source: Amputee Coalition