spineAccording to Texas-based spine center, Spine Team Texas, it has become the first facility in the Dallas area to implant a device characterized as a “next generation spinal cord stimulator (SCS)”, the Precision Spectra. The device is engineered to provide pain relief to a wide range of chronic pain patients. A company news release reports that the Precision Spectra, developed by Boston Scientific, is comprised of 32 contacts and 32 dedicated power sources, which widens the level of coverage across the spinal cord and offers greater flexibility for physicians to treat chronic pain. The release reports that up until this point, SCS systems conventionally provided a maximum of 16 contacts and two lead ports.

 Anthony Berg, MD, an anesthesiologist fellowship-trained in spine pain management, reportedly performed the procedure. Berg states that, “Spine Team Texas is proud to be the first facility in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to offer the treatment. We now have the potential to provide greater pain relief to patients who suffer from chronic, debilitating pain, which may lead to improved outcomes,” Berg says.

SCS encompasses the implantation of an implantable pulse generator which is placed into a patient’s back and leads are then placed in the space above the spinal cord to best target the areas of pain. Berg encourages individuals living with chronic spine pain to talk with their physician to determine if SCS may be the appropriate treatment for them.

Source: Spine Team Texas