The Helix TheraScoop is a compact lateral trainer designed for physical therapists with clinic-based or traveling practices.

Boston-based therapeutic fitness company Helix has launched TheraScoop, a professional upgrade to its bestselling Scoop Lateral Trainer. It is a therapeutic device designed to address chronic knee and hip pain at home.

The new TheraScoop Lateral Trainer was introduced as a compact lateral trainer designed specifically for PTs, PTAs, OTs, and OTAs with clinic-based or travel-based practices.

Helix introduced the first lateral trainers in 2010. They were originally designed to provide a superior cardio workout and were quickly adopted by fitness trainers, gyms, and professional sports franchises.

The qualities that make lateral trainers effective for cardio make them ideal therapeutic tools, particularly as pre-hab/rehab for hip or knee arthroplasties, for patients with impaired balance, or for those suffering from chronic knee, hip, or sciatica pain.

Lateral trainers like the new TheraScoop work the body in all three planes of human motion, recruiting muscles crucial to balance and knee support, and stability.

Helix has undertaken a decade of scientific studies on lateral training, with clinical results revealing that lateral trainers provide greater activation of key muscles such as the obliques (55% more), the gluteus medius (39% more), the adductors (37% more), and the abductors (50% more).

A 2015 study involving elderly patients with balance disorders showed a 59% average improvement in strength-related balance after 12 20-minute sessions.

TheraScoop is now available to consumers online, but the company also has wholesale and retail programs designed for healthcare professionals.

Photo courtesy of Helix