Trexo robotic legs gave a group of children with disabilities who had never taken a step, the opportunity to collectively take 20 million steps. The equivalent of a walk around the world. A spectacular feat for these kids.

A child’s first steps are a rite of passage. A moment of joy. One that is captured and preserved. One that not all children experience. Prior to using the robotic legs, most of the children were robbed of their moment. They hadn’t taken their first step and were told they never would.

“I never imagined when Rahul and I created the Trexo that just a few years later, kids would reach over 20 million steps with it. I am so proud of their hard work and determination” said Manmeet Maggu, CEO and Co-Founder. He went on to say “the kiddos accomplished this, it’s their determination, the Trexo was just a tool to help them.”

Mitchell in his Trexo, getting his steps in. (image courtesy of Trexo Robotics)

Since 2019, parents have looked to the innovative Trexo Robotic Legs to help their children take those first steps. It the only at-home robotic assistive device for children on the market. Walking is a game changer for these kids and their families. The Trexo community reports a host of health benefits, namely better sleep, improved GI health, increased strength and endurance, confidence, and often increased socialization. Once these kids took those first steps, they didn’t stop, leaving the Trexo Robotics team in awe. Although no one is more excited than the parents that watch their children take their first steps.

[Source(s): Trexo Robotics, PRWeb]