CareFlash and Rogue Prosthetics have entered into a collaborative partnership that leverages togetherness, empathy and nostalgia to enhance success in healing journeys among people obtaining an artificial limb. 

This agreement provides patients, families and communities access to CareFlash’s signature platform, The Careopolis, “A Metropolis of Love and Empathy.”

As described in the brief video on Rogue Prosthetics’ website, a Careopolis is an online “caring community” which is created and operated by a patient and loved ones. Each Careopolis contains components and content including a collaboration calendar, community blog, interactive storytelling tool, photo-sharing capabilities and 3-D medical animations. It is invitation-only, mobile-friendly, multilingual and effective in enhancing how loved ones become and remain:

  • Engaged as a supportive fabric of strength and encouragement
  • Empowered with empathy, more than just sympathies
  • More along for the journey, and less part of the landscape

“Our mindset, mission and core values at Rogue Prosthetics are committed to fostering social togetherness, empathy and enhancing quality of life. The Careopolis is an extension of this philosophy. It is an innovative social platform we offer for improving client socialization, resilience and success with a prosthesis through enhancing how loved ones support and encourage. 

“We view The Careopolis as part of a pervasive shift in the ‘Standard of Care’ in the prosthetic industry, with the goal of promoting holistic healing, value-based care and population health.” 

— Sheri Hatt, CEO of Rogue Prosthetics

“There is an ever-expanding awareness among forward-thinking professionals in the prosthetic industry as to the importance of encouraging supportive engagement and teamwork among loved ones. Through doing so, the likelihood of achieving success with a prosthesis is improved. 

“There is clearly an opportunity-lost that happens when clients do not wholeheartedly embrace what is necessary in terms of energy, dedication and practice to achieve the best possible outcome with a prosthesis. Togetherness and support are compelling to the holistic success of the client, associated loved ones and the prosthetist.”

— Andreas Kannenberg, MD, Executive Medical Director North America, Ottobock Healthcare

“CareFlash was founded in 2005 out of a lengthy caretaking journey surrounding a family member. Throughout that experience, I learned that loved ones sincerely want to engage throughout healing or aging journeys. However, social engagement is complicated by people’s busy lives, emotional barriers and concerns about intrusiveness. When this happens, the quality and durability of supportive engagement instead comes through as lots of well-wishes and sympathies. The Careopolis enhances the depth and durability of togetherness, empathy and quality of life.”

— Jay Drayer, CareFlash founder/CEO

[Source(s): CareFlash LLC, PR Newswire]