In collaboration with Integrum AB, Ottobock HealthCare announces the use of Integrum’s FDA-approved OPRA Implant System within its prostheses for patients who cannot utilize traditional socket-based solutions.

The OPRA (Osseoanchored Prostheses for the Rehabilitation of Amputees) System is targeted for patients for whom a conventional fitting with a socket is impossible given the condition of their residual limb.

During osseointegration, an anchoring fixture is implanted in the patient’s bone. The prosthetic can then be attached to the fixture via the OPRA Axor II adapter, explains a media release from Ottobock.

Ottobock’s Genium, X3, and C-Leg knee joints are suitable for combination with the OPRA System.

“Integrum is thrilled to collaborate with Ottobock to distribute Integrum’s prosthetic components in the US,” comments Jonas Bergman, Integrum’s CEO, in the release. “This is a major step forward in developing our presence in the US market and an excellent opportunity to reach and improve the quality of life for thousands of amputees in the US.”

“Dr. Rickard Brånemark, Integrum’s founder, is an absolute pioneer in the field of osseointegration. So we’re delighted to be able to cooperate with such an innovative figure,” states Brad Ruhl, President of US HealthCare for Ottobock, in the release. “As a technological leader, we are always interested in trend-setting ideas for providing 2/2 solutions to people with restricted mobility.”

Ottobock is based in Germany, and its US headquarters are located in Austin, Tex. Integrum AB is based outside of Gothenburg, Sweden, and its US subsidiary is located in San Francisco.

[Source: Ottobock HealthCare]