NEOFECT, a designer of gamified rehabilitation solutions designed for patients recovering from stroke or other neurological conditions, has achieved five awards recently for innovation in healthcare technology.

The company, a Korean-American health tech startup with US offices in Burlingame, Calif, designs RAPAEL Smart Rehabilitation Solutions—including the Smart Glove for Home and the Smart Pegboard—to help provide rehabilitation and training through games, making it more engaging and accessible.

Awards that the solutions have achieved include:

  • Frost & Sullivan Excellence in Best Practices Awards, Global Smart Rehabilitation Enabling Technology Leadership Award — For RAPAEL Rehabilitation Suite, including Smart Glove for Home and Smart Pegboard
  • San Francisco Design Week Awards, Honorable Mention in VirtualTech — For Smart Glove for Home
  • MedTech Breakthrough Awards, Innovation in Healthcare Wearables Award — For Smart Glove for Home
  • Blackwood Design Awards, Best New Aids and Equipment — For Smart Glove for Home
  • Blackwood Design Awards, Best Accessible Technology — For Smart Pegboard

“Traditional rehabilitation methods for patients of stroke or other neurological disorders are incredibly tedious, and many patients don’t complete their exercises often enough to be effective,” says Scott Kim, co-founder and CEO of NEOFECT USA, in a media release.

“Our solutions incorporate the latest advancements in virtual reality and artificial intelligence, creating a fun yet measurable way to train and objectively measure progress. These awards and more importantly, feedback from patients prove that game-based training is the future of rehabilitation, and they only fuel our drive to continue to develop innovative, accessible rehab solutions for patients worldwide.”

For more information, visit NEOFECT.

[Source(s): NEOFECT, Business Wire]