The Zippie IRIS rotation-in-space wheelchair from Fresno, Calif-based Sunrise Medical now features the optional XLOCK folding crossbrace, which is designed to help fold the wheelchair into a compact size for easy transport.

“Now, with the addition of XLOCK, parents and caregivers who previously had to choose between rotation-in-space technology and the convenience and portability of a folding crossbrace can experience the benefits of both worlds,” says Christy Clover, Sunrise Medical associate product manager, Pediatrics, in a media release from the company.

The Z-finity System, another new option for the Zippie IRIS, is designed to adjust the users’ lower extremity positioning as they age and grow. Adjustments from between .5 inches above to 21 inches below the seat pan can be made to ensure proper support for the legs and feet, according to the release.

The Zippie IRIS, available with 40- or 55-degree rotation ranges, also features a compact wheelbase, a foot release tilt actuator for hands-free tilting, an angle-adjustable stroller handle, and a MONO Backrest System that provides various seating and positioning capabilities.

It is also approved for use as an occupant’s seat in a motor vehicle when used with an approved wheelchair tie down and occupant restraint system in accordance with SAE, per the release.

For more information, visit Sunrise Medical.

[Source: Sunrise Medical]