In remembrance of the 20th anniversary of the terror attacks on American soil, X-Bots Robotics Inc, a community-based high school robotics team operating under FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC), launched a pilot expansion of its X-Bots Robotics Mobility Program presented by PPG across six sites in California on Saturday, September 11, through its partnership with PPG Foundation and Boys & Girls Club (BGC).

September 11th is Patriot Day and a National Day of Service and Remembrance, a day in which individuals are asked to find a volunteer opportunity and address a critical need in the community.

The X-Bots Robotics Mobility Program is a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) program that partners students in a Robotics team with a BGC and together they build specially designed physical therapy cars for toddlers with cerebral disorders affecting their body mobility. Together, X-Bots Robotics, PPG Foundation and BGC will provide an opportunity for hands-on STEM learning by enabling students to put their skills to work to serve families with toddlers who have mobility issues, a media release from PPG explains.

The pilot expansion will launch at the following BGC sites in California: BGC of Whittier | Pico Rivera, BGC of Cathedral City, BGC of Fontana, BGC of Malibu, BGC of Santa Monica and Santa Clarita Valley B&GC.

“In the spirit of unity, honor, and compassion, X-Bots Robotics, PPG Foundation and Boys and Girls Club will join together to create a unique opportunity to engage in hands-on technical engineering programming that not only develops students’ leadership skills and inspires them to pursue a career in STEM, but also serves local families. On September 11th, through the generous support of the PPG Foundation, we will launch a pilot expansion of the X-Bots Robotics Mobility Program across six Boys & Girls Club sites in California to assist families who have toddlers with mobility issues.”

— Elisa Avila, Executive Director of X-Bots Robotics Inc

Host Workshop

Each BGC partnership will host one X-Bots Robotics Mobility workshop, enabling students to apply practical solutions, peer-to-peer learning, skills sharing and immersive lessons in engineering, all while bringing joy to children and their parents. The workshops will reach an estimated 290 students (combined X-Bots Robotics teams and BGC members) and modify 60 cars.

PPG Foundation is supporting X-Bots Robotics in its expanded program of STEM educational opportunities to impact a greater number of students, toddlers, and their families. As a global supplier of paints, coatings, optical products, and specialty materials, PPG recognizes the importance of immersing young people in STEM concepts that are linked to real-world solutions and innovations, such as robotics and mobility technology that may one day redefine solutions for our global society.

“At PPG, we know that education sits at the helm of the innovation that will shape our world for generations to come. Through this partnership, our aim is to open future opportunities to both the students who will find and explore their passions in STEM fields and families in need. In all that we do, we aim to protect and beautify the world. The X-Bots Robotics program reinforces this by encouraging future engineers and scientists to experience the joy of experimentation and discovery and by demonstrating the immediate impacts both community service and STEM concepts make in the lives of others.”

— Malesia Dunn, Executive Director of PPG Foundation and Corporate Global Social Responsibility.


At the Boys & Girls Club of Whittier | Pico Rivera, the X-Bots Robotics Mobility Program has focused on applying GoBabyGo, an open-source movement focused on real-time, real-world solutions for mobility, to provide STEM educational and leadership opportunities for middle school and high school students. The program is a unique combination of peer-to-peer learning paired with a half-day hands-on workshop that draws in the families and toddlers who benefit from the finished product.

“Our youth are the recipients of services. Here’s an opportunity for our kids to say, ‘You know what? When things are not so well you can still make an impact on other people’s lives.’ We want to continue to make that impact for families on Sept. 11, and every day of the year.”

— Oscar Hernandez, Executive Director of BGC Whittier | Pico Rivera

[Source(s): PPG, PRWeb]