According to a recent press release, the Phoenix, Ariz-based Arizona Orthopaedic Associates (AOA) at Gateway has produced a video series geared toward assisting adults in maintaining bone and joint health throughout life. The first video heading up the series is designed to help adults retain mobility and strength.

Nicole Summerlin, PT, DPT, director of physical therapy and practicing therapist at Arizona Orthopaedic Associates at Gateway describes the ultimate goal of the video and its exercises that require only a chair to perform them, “We’re interested in making sure people know the exercises that will help them remain active…These exercises are accessible to anyone who has a common kitchen chair in their home,” Summerlin says. The release adds that exercise bands are recommended, but not required.

The exercises reportedly encompass four target areas, which include back strength and posture, arm strength and grip, leg strength, and hip mobility. The video will be hosted on AOA’s facebook page. Summerlin emphasizes that each target area is, “essential to ensuring continued mobility and activity as we age.”

The video also highlights the hips and legs as two key areas that can become particularly problematic during aging, the press release notes. David M. Ott, MD, AOA orthopedic surgeon, adds that the exercises are designed to educate the public and keep individuals healthy and mobile. However, Ott emphasizes that the exercises are not intended to not replace physician visits or needed treatment.

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Source: AOA