Numotion announces that the Tek RMD robotic motorized standing device from Matia Robotics is now available in the United States. The device is made available through Numotion via what the company describes as an exclusive US distribution agreement.

“Tek RMD is a life-enhancing technology that enables wheelchair users to participate in everyday life in a way they may have previously thought was not possible,” says Mike Swinford, CEO of Numotion, in a company news release. “The ability to independently and safely sit, stand and navigate environments that were once inaccessible is now a reality.”

According to reports from Numotion what distinguishes the technology in the mobility marketplace is that it is designed to help those who are in a manual wheelchair to board and control the device unassisted.

Features include the ability to mount and dismount from the back; a gas spring mechanism that balances the user’s weight and requires only a gentle pull to stand; a remote control allowing users to send the device away then bring it back when needed, and to free both hands while in use; a small footprint (16.5 inches wide by 29.5 inches long), enabling the user to navigate tight spaces; and the ability to allow users to achieve a true vertical position and to complete their everyday activities while standing up, notes the company’s website.

“Numotion has a passion for helping people with disabilities to live active lives and contribute to society,” states Necati Hacikadiroglu, founder of Matia Robotics, in the release. “We have already seen the difference the Tek RMD can make in the lives of wheelchair users. We are excited to partner with Numotion and their extensive experience and reach in the industry to offer this innovative solution to more people.”

For more information, visit Numotion.

[Source: Numotion]