sunrise-medNew product enhancements have been recently made to the JAY J3 back, according to a recent news release from Sunrise Medical, Fresno, Calif. The product now features a new CradleU Lateral, intended to accommodate patients with postural or spinal deviations.The feature adjusts the existing contour of the J3 back to match the unique shape of the patient. Sunrise Medical notes that it also attaches directly to the back shell beneath the foam, and its support plates can be adjusted in angle to match the user’s torso.

The company notes that the product’s back foam has been replaced with 1.5-inch-thick Soft Foam, targeting increased comfort, immersion, and pressure distribution. A Lycra Stretch Outer Cover Layer is also now featured on the Microclimatic cover with 3DX Spacer Fabric. The enhancement is designed to provide users with a smooth, soft sitting surface that resists snagging of catching on clothing. The JAY J3 features a new optional inner cover that aims to protect the foam from moisture and odor build-up.

Rounding out the enhancements is an update to the J3 back’s hardware to include Hardware Index Markers and new Whitmyer Head Rest Options.

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[Source: Sunrise Medical]