iLevel seat elevation technology, produced by Quantum Rehab, Duryea, Pa, is now in use by more than 25,000 consumers. The milestone was attained recently when iLevel Power Chair number 25,000 went through production.

Released in 2015, iLevel is a power seat elevating system that promotes independence and social inclusion. As iLevel elevates, the power base reinforces stability electronically and mechanically to ensure safety at 12 inches of elevation while driving at 4.5 mph. It also features the patented Extra Stability Technology to enhance user safety.

“With iLevel, our consumers have achieved greater independence to do the things they love,” says Quantum Rehab Vice President Jay Brislin, in a media release.

“iLevel is being asked for by name from people who use power wheelchairs. This technology is successful not just because consumers recognize what it can do for them, but also because payors are beginning to realize power seat elevation is a necessity and not a luxury.”

Stephanie Woodward, a Quantum consumer advocate, says she uses iLevel much of the day while working as an attorney, and also at home.

“iLevel allows me to reach the stove and microwave in my kitchen so I can independently make meals,” Woodward comments. “Cooking is so much easier now that I can reach things. I can’t imagine my life without iLevel.”

Along with the iLevel, Quantum Rehab also produces the Edge 3, 4Front, and Quantum Series of power bases, TRU-Balance 3 Power Positioning Systems, Q-Logic 3 Advanced Drive Controls, and Stealth Products cushions and positioning components.

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[Source: Quantum Rehab]