It’s natural that we often tilt our bodies forward when trying to reach something. The problem? Most power wheelchair users cannot safely do that. Quantum Rehab has a solution!

Introducing the all-new TRU-Balance 4 Power Positioning Systems with anterior tilt. TRU-Balance 4 Power Positioning provides a choice of 10, 20, or 30 degrees of power anterior tilt. This provides optimal access, and consumers may find it easier to perform activities of daily living, such as accessing sinks, grooming, reaching items in cupboards, doing laundry and more.

TRU-Balance 4 also includes up to eight customizable memory seating positions. This feature utilizes feedback to recognize positioning and recalls the saved position of all actuators. It offers the choice of sequential or synced movement for each seat function.

In addition, a dual actuator Articulating Foot Platform (AFP) lowers to assist with transfers. The dual actuator AFP has an articulation range of 0-7.25 inches and an elevation range of 85-165 degrees. It is only available on TRU-Balance 4 Power Positioning.

“There is lots of excitement around our launch of TRU-Balance 4, especially power anterior tilt, because it can help users with functional activities,” said Jay Brislin, Vice President of Quantum Rehab. “TRU-Balance 4 also offers eight customizable memory seating positions whereas other manufacturers have preset positions. This makes TRU-Balance 4 seating truly customizable to serve patients with a variety of needs.”

TRU-Balance 4 requires the selection of power adjustable seat height, power anterior tilt, power posterior tilt, power recline, and a dual actuator power articulating foot platform. TRU-Balance 4 is available on the Stretto, Edge 3, and 4Front 2 power chairs.

[Source: Quantum Rehab]

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