Robooter, an autonomous mobility device manufacturer known for its robotic technology supporting the elderly and mobility challenged, presented its power wheelchair X40 and a new space and mobility solution through its partners at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2024) in Las Vegas.

Introducing the Robooter X40 Intelligent, Foldable Power Wheelchair

Robooter has developed a comprehensive portfolio of electric wheelchairs, mobility aids, and living assistance devices.

This year, the spotlight at CES is on the X40, the semi-outdoor, electrically foldable wheelchair. Designed to address the challenges of lower limb mobility, the X40 offers ample legroom and operates smoothly on most surfaces without needing a turning radius, according to the company.

The IF Design award-winning X40 is fully integrated with omnidirectional wheels, remote control, and an adjustable maximum speed for added safety. Equipped with a long-lasting battery and an easy-to-use interface, it aims for effortless navigation. An optional compact 10Ah battery makes the wheelchair conveniently transportable on various modes of public transportation.

Expanding Mobility Solutions with the E Series

In addition to the Robooter X40 featured at CES, in 2023, Robooter launched the new E Series, further expanding its range of innovative products. This series is designed with an emphasis on indoor and outdoor adaptability to meet the diverse needs of the elderly and people with mobility issues.

The E40 indoor foldable wheelchair, part of the E Series, is ideal for individuals with limited lower limb mobility. It features a user-friendly, two-step folding mechanism, ample legroom, and a compact turning radius. Its ergonomic backrest and intelligent software, with cruise control and speed limit functions, are designed to provide comfort and ease of use.

For outdoor adventures, the E60 series showcases advanced technologies. The E60 and E60-A models are equipped with 10-inch omnidirectional wheels, while the E60Pro and E60Pro-A feature larger 12-inch wheels, conquering obstacles up to 3.1 inches in height. Their shock-absorbing springs and high-performance omnidirectional wheels allow free movement in any direction, enhancing navigation in complex terrains and a variety of outdoor environments. When folded, these wheelchairs easily fit into car trunks, promoting convenient travel and accessibility.

Robooter’s Commitment to the U.S. Market and Partnerships

Robooter is actively seeking to deepen relationships with local partners in the United States. Its participation at CES, alongside American collaborators, signifies the company’s commitment to expanding its presence and enhancing accessibility solutions in the U.S. market.

Featured image: Robooter Showcases Power Wheelchair X40 at CES. Photo: Robooter