A Norwich, Conn-based pawnbroker gives away refurbished motorized wheelchairs to the disabled at Christmastime, in what he calls “The Gift of Mobility Giveaway.”

Phil Pavone, owner of AZ Pawn in Norwich, Conn, has given away nearly 300 wheelchairs in the last 6 years. He purchases, or receives donations of, unwanted motorized wheelchairs which he subsequently refurbishes, explains a media release from AZ Pawn.

Each November, Pavone advertises for those in need of one of these refurbished wheelchairs to write him and “tell him their story” about the disability that affects them. He then matches the wheelchair to the individual. Each year, Pavone throws a giveaway party.

“If you read these letters it will break your heart. Some are missing limbs, have cancer, MS, ALS, you name it. Somehow they fall through the cracks and are denied a motorized chair. Some of these individuals have not left their homes for years,” Pavone says in the release.

Pavone has shared videos on YouTube, listed under AZ Pawn gift of mobility 2013 and AZ Pawn gift of mobility 2014. According to the AZ media release Pavone has made the video available to spread the word about the possibility of others following his example and donating, refurbishing, or giving away unwanted wheelchairs in their communities.

[Source(s): AZ Pawn, PRWeb]