Lower limb prosthetics manufacturer Freedom Innovations introduces the Comfort AT, the latest in the trio of options in the Maverick line.

The all-terrain, fiberglass prosthetic foot features a low profile combined with a split keel, designed to assist those with clearance challenges while providing comfort and ease of mobility. It is also lightweight, waterproof, and suitable for those who wish to participate in leisure walking or low to moderate impact activities.

Other features include aerospace-grade waterproof fiberglass material, 32 degrees of coronal motion, a wave heel plate, and regular and sandal toe options.

“I like the way the Maverick Comfort AT feels walking on cobble stones and uneven surfaces,” says Robert Poirier, a retired mechanical engineer, and an amputee for the past 53 years, in a media release from Freedom Innovations. “Maverick Comfort has a soft heel for a more natural feel walking on all surfaces. It simply offers a smooth and predictable experience.”

The Irvine, Calif-based company’s chairman and CEO, David A. Smith, adds in the release that, “In consideration of a patient’s residual limb, the low-profile design of the Maverick Comfort AT makes it the ideal lightweight, fiberglass walking foot for those with clearance challenges. We are thrilled when patients tell us they can walk for hours without discomfort or fatigue.”

Others in the Maverick trio of fiberglass foot prosthetic options are the Maverick Xtreme and the Maverick Xtreme AT.

[Source(s): Freedom Innovations, Business Wire]