The Simi Valley, Calif-based company Freedom Designs has announced the latest addition to its NXT product line the Freedom NXT Mini, Generation NEXT Mini tilt-in-space wheelchair, built to accommodate developing infants and toddlers who require tilt-in-space mobility and appropriate customized adaptive seating. A news release issued by Freedom Designs notes that the Freedom NXT Mini, Generation NEXT Mini tilt-in-space wheelchair, is designed to grow in width and depth, with many of the adjustments in only ½-inch increments.

The product’s abduction frame and Freedom customized seating is intended to assist in positioning small children more appropriately as their lower extremities grow and develop. According to literature regarding the product, seat depth adjusts 4 inches in ½-inch increments, from 8 inches to 12 inches. The Freedom NXT Mini, Generation NEXT Mini tilt-in-space wheelchair, could also accommodate as little as a 5-inch wide and 5-inch deep seating system, and features height adjustable stroller push handles.

Foot rest heights for accurate foot positioning can start at 3 inches from the top of the seat frame and adjust in ½-inch increments to 10 inches with a 4-inch extension, the literature states. The product’s flip back armrest measures 8.5 inches long to support small arms and features smaller foot plates to support little feet.

The wheelchair also offers an attendant hand controlled combination tilt and braking system, which is designed to control speed on un-level surfaces, help turn the wheelchair, position the seat frame in and out of tilt, and lock the wheels, all from the attendant’s location. A curb assist anti-tipper is also provided to ease navigation over small obstacles.

The product is available in 25 colors with seating upholstery to match.

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Source: Freedom Designs