The OBSS Ortho-Shape Back, new from Ottobock HealthCare, is designed for active wheelchair users with high positioning needs.

After taking a digital scan of the user, the back support is created using CAD/CAM production processes to be custom contoured to the user’s body alignment, pressure distribution, and directional forces.

If the user’s body conditions change, the contours can be easily modified in the field to accommodate these changes and ensure a better fit.

Features include padding around the back and edges to relieve pressure points; Evolight material construction to keep skin dry and cool, and prevent skin breakdown; and an ergonomic mounting system in all three planes—tip anterior/posterior, rotate left/right, and tilt left/right—for maximum balance and postural control.

“Ottobock has been a leader in custom contoured seating for over 2 decades,” states Frank Oschell, vice president of human mobility for Austin, Tex-headquartered Ottobock North America, in a media release. “We were the first to introduce digital image capturing into the patient fitting process, and we recently introduced the industry’s first affordable handheld 3D scanner.”

“Now, with the introduction of the OBSS Ortho-Shape Back, we’ve expanded our custom seating portfolio by taking a more orthotic approach to wheelchair seating that provides active and involved users greater postural support and more freedom of movement.”

To see a video of the OBSS Ortho-Shape Back in action, visit YouTube.

[Source: Ottobock North America]