Rowheels Inc recently received a $1.5 million investment from strategic operating capital fund WISC Partners to help commercialize the company’s reverse propulsion wheel technology for manual wheelchairs.

The technology was designed to help counteract the effects experienced with traditional wheelchair propulsion and improve overall health and quality of life, explains a media release from Rowheels.

“With this investment and working relationship with WISC Partners, we are prepared to effectively go to market with our new product family,” says Rimas Buinevicius, CEO of Rowheels, in the release. Together with CTO Salim Nasser, they founded the company in 2011.

“WISC Partners has already helped us identify and expand our vision for additional market opportunities, so we have gained far more value than funding alone,” Buinevicius adds.

Rowheels Inc is headquartered in Fitchburg, Wis.

[Source(s): Rowheels Inc, PR Newswire]