A leg lifter, available through North Coast Medical Inc, Gilroy, Calif, is designed to assist those who have undergone total hip replacement surgery or individuals with limited mobility in raising or lowering their legs. The Norco Leg Lifter is built to accommodate patients with hip arthritis or hip replacement who have weak hip flexors.

The Norco Leg Lifter’s aluminum rod is engineered to retain its shape while lifting heavy legs or casts. The product is covered with a 1-inch-wide, soft nylon webbing. The Norco Leg Lifter also features a 9-inch loop foothold, intended to easily accommodate any foot or cast, according to the company’s website. The site adds that the rod measures 30 inches long and the product’s total length, including hand strap, measures 40 inches.

For more information, visit www.ncmedical.com

[Source: North Coast Medical Inc]