Mobius Mobility, the manufacturer of the iBOT Personal Mobility Device, announces record deliveries to users in 30 US states and its first delivery in Europe.

Domestic US iBOT PMD production is on track to more than double over the prior year, and the company expects users in all 50 states to have access to its breakthrough mobility product in 2022.

The company also announces delivery of an iBOT PMD demonstration device to a user in the Netherlands, its first in Europe and an important step to expanding distribution to all of the European Union.

“At Mobius, we believe that people with disabilities deserve the same level of innovation, investment, and service that other consumer segments in society readily receive. The iBOT is the first truly multi-modal, robotic mobility product designed specifically for people with disabilities. Whether it’s climbing curbs or stairs, traversing steep inclines or terrain, or interacting with friends and colleagues at eye-level, the iBOT PMD enables people with disabilities to explore the world on their own terms.”

— Dawn Hameline, OT, sATP and Mobius Mobility Clinical Education Lead

In addition to reaching this important delivery milestone, Mobius Mobility is also pleased to announce the availability of remote training services and enhanced funding support for the iBOT.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to limit wheelchair users’ access to the clinics and services required to receive critically necessary mobility equipment. In response, Mobius Mobility is now sending clinicians and service technicians across the country to conduct demonstrations, work with users’ therapists, and provide user training.

In addition, non-profit donations to support IBOT PMD purchases reached an all-time high in 2021, with 44% of all iBOTs delivered fully funded with third0party support.

“It’s been beyond gratifying to see so many organizations and individuals step up to ensure that people with disabilities have access to the technology they need to be more independent. 2021 saw great strides in our mission of ‘getting iBOTs to the people,’ regardless of ability to pay, and we expect this positive trend to accelerate in 2022.”

— Dawn Hameline