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Product: SofTech Cushion System

SofTech is a custom fabricated alternating cushion system using inflated air cells and a waterproof foam exterior. The product was created to be a fully automatic alternating pressure ulcer treatment and prevention cushion, and works by changing pressure points and stimulating circulation, which is key to preventing pressure ulcers. It is customized to offload under existing pressure ulcers so the user can be up and sitting rather than confined to bed. The SofTech is built to be completely self-contained with all system components contained inside the cushion base, with the aim of providing a cleaner look and greater portability for the user. The cushion weight is about 4 pounds, and the exterior surface is waterproof coated foam for easy cleaning and excellent stability and comfort. The custom battery is built to operate the system for more than 40 hours per charge. There are multiple firmness and cycle time selections for individual comfort, and system controls are accessed via the remote control. Intended for paraplegic or quadriplegic users with current pressure ulcers or high risk for ulcers. Available in pediatric to adult sizes, with any size able to be fabricated. Any size can be ordered. There are no size restrictions and no user weight limit. HCPCS code applied for is E2609. Price is $4,300 retail regardless of customization requested. Options and accessories include a moisture control fan to help keep the skin cool and dry to prevent skin maceration, as well as a lumbar, full back pad, and positioning pad to compensate for pelvic obliquity. Covers are included.



Comfort Company

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Product: Vicair Vector X cushion

Air and foam technology is behind the Vicair Vector X cushion, designed with 10 adjustable chambers, making it an especially comprehensive positioning cushion. Designed for optimal pressure distribution to aid in wound prevention and healing, air cells may be added or removed from each chamber as needed to customize the cushion’s geometry to best fit the needs of each user. The liner is made from a breathable mesh material to allow the full liner with air cells to be washed and dried. Hot or cold settings may be used. Coccyx, I.T., and sacrum bony prominences each has a dedicated chamber built to be partially or fully offloaded and optimize the healing opportunity for any stage wound. Split and elevated side chambers run from front to back to provide independently adjustable chambers for accommodating lateral pelvic asymmetries as well as adduction through the thighs. Adjustable height pommel chamber allows for the varied abduction needs for each user. The coccygeal bottom insert serves as a pelvic stabilizer and can quickly be adjusted to offload the high risk, coccygeal, and I.T. region through better loading of the greater trochanters. Available with Glidewear technology and a weight capacity of 550 pounds, this product accommodates adult users. The Vicair X series is offered in Comfort Air cells, optional new Glidewear anti-shear cover, a mesh liner, coccygeal insert, and reflective piping for added safety. HCPCS codes are E2624 and E2625, with MSRP of $460 to $545 depending on the size of the cushion and cover option. It carries a lifetime guarantee, and extra cushion covers, incontinence liner, rigid insert, extra air cells, color piping, and Kwik strap are also available.


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Dynamic Systems Inc

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Products: SunMate, Pudgee, and Liquid SunMate FIPS (Foam-In-Place Seating)

SunMate offers products built to provide support and comfort for any body weight or special weight-distribution need. Open-cell structure promotes airflow to reduce heat. Built to be effective within a temperature range of -20°F to 150°F, these cushions are engineered to distribute sitting pressure evenly and not bottom-out or shrink over time. Warranted for 2 years under normal-use conditions, and available in standard and custom sizes, wedges and contours. Pudgee is a high-density, gel-like viscoelastic foam. It is cool to the touch with pressure-relieving properties and low-shear. Its floatation properties work to improve blood circulation and skin health. Retains softness in extreme temperature and humidity. Standard sizes: 16″x16″, 16″x18″, 18″x18″, 18″x40″, 20″x20″, and 22″x36″. Designed for shear relief, not weight support. Reported most effective when used on top of a SunMate cushion. Warranted for 1 year under normal-use conditions. Waterproof slipcovers are available at additional cost. Liquid SunMate FIPS is a direct custom-contouring seating system used to create seat/back cushions. Designed for use by pediatric, adult, bariatric, and custom user groups. HCPCS codes are recommended for the following, with applications in process: E2601/E2602 (SunMate); E2603/E2604 (Pudgee); K0108(FIPS). SunMate MSRP for standard 16″x18″ cushion ranges from $28.40 to $138.60 depending on thickness and density. Upcharge for custom sizes and contours. Pudgee MSRP for standard 16”x18” pad ranges from $105 to $177 depending on thickness. Liquid SunMate FIPS MSRP for one unit is $130. (Will make a custom-molded seat or back cushion.) Optional fire-retardant additive and waterproof coatings/slipcovers are available.



Freedom Designs

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Product: Seating and Positioning

Freedom Designs offers adaptive seating and positioning systems from a belif that proper positioning is crucial to the wheelchair-bound client. The company offers a wide variety of seating systems to help accomplish optimal positioning. Freedom Designs is focused on manufacturing completely custom seating, and offers an array of products with options in colors, materials, foams, and embroidery patterns, all aiming to accommodate a wide range of client needs. The company’s Free Form Back Mod-2S is designed to provide the capability to mold difficult clients with fixed deformities while providing aggressive positioning with thoracic supports, shoulder retractors, chest vests, and headrests. Standard includes 1-inch foam (excluding pudgee). Cover is 4 inches thick in total and has ¼-inch SunMate foam sewn inside the contact surface. Stretchable cover fabric is recommended. Available in kit or in self-mixing bags. All manufacturing is done in the USA.




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Product: Terra Flair

Terra Flair incorporates ROHO adjustable dry flotation inserts for optimal skin protection with Ottobock’s Rest Suspension foam to create a ride that aims to be stable even in the event of air loss. The product’s trochanter support is engineered to deliver greater postural stability in the event of emergency offloading due to deflation. Pressure gradients are reduced at the transition from foam to air. Terra Flair uses an air/foam hybrid cushion technology, and is available for adult users. The product’s medial thigh support is designed to reduce thigh adduction; rolled top and undercut to remove pressure from the back of the knee; lateral thigh support to reduce thigh abduction. Manufactured with a water-resistant Dartex outer cover, and additional inner incontinence barrier. A ROHO pump and repair kit are included.




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Product: Permobil Ergonomic Positioning Cushion with ROHO Insert

Permobil’s cushion technology offers users air and foam solutions. ROHO and Permobil have joined to evolve Permobil’s Corpus 3G positioning cushion to feature an optional ROHO insert for added comfort, support, and skin protection. The cushion combines the shape matching of the ROHO Dry Floatation technology with Permobil’s ergonomic design. Corpus 3G Seating system is built to provide superior skin protection. This new cushion allows for improved pelvic alignment and stability while maintaining optimal support of the ischial tuberosities and greater trochanters. Product accommodates adult and bariatric users. HCPCS code is E2622. The wheelchair seat cushion targets skin protection and has a width less than 22 inches.


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Product: ContourU Products

The PinDot ContourU Product line includes the ContourU Back Cushion, ContourU Seat Cushion, ContourU Cushion Back, ContourU Cushion Seat, and ContourU Interfacing Hardware. The ContourUBack Cushion (HCPCS E2617) is designed for those with more complex orthopedic asymmetries or tone abnormalities. It is available in multiple finishing options including naked foam with removable cover, vacuformed vinyl, lateral reinforcements, and strap slots. ContourU Seat Cushion (HCPCS E2609) is a custom molded vinyl seat cushion manufactured for those with more complex orthopedic asymmetries or tone abnormalities. Available in six vinyl colors. ContourU Cushion Back (HCPCS E2617) is a custom molded back cushion with removable cover and water resistant coating also designed for those with more complex orthopedic asymmetries or tone abnormalities. ContourU Cushion Seat (HCPCS  E2609) is a custom molded seat cushion with removable cover and water resistant coating offered with seven cover options. ContourU Interfacing Hardware (HCPCS K0108) is for mounting back cushions.



Prairie Seating Corp

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Product(s): PSS-007 Contour Laser Scan with Hi-Tec Contour Capture, PSS-98 Plane and Simple Planar Simulator, and PSS-97 Reflection Molding Frame—Simulator

Prairie Seating Corp is the custom fabricator of Reflection Custom Contoured Molded Cushions, offered for special needs clients in many sizes. Cushions are engineered with swing-away laterals, in addition to back and seat vents. Reflection cushions can be supplied with vinyl covers or bare with removable covers in a variety of fabrics and colors. The product has been assigned HCPCS codes E2609 and E2617. Prairie Seating Corp also manufactures the PSS-97 Reflection Molding Frame and PSS-98 Plane and Simple Planar Simulator. The products reportedly are produced in the company’s own plant, accredited with seven registrations and ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001 certification.



Quantum Rehab 

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Product: Synergy Spectrum Air Contour

The Synergy Spectrum Air Contour is a hybrid air/foam pressure-management cushion. It features a multicell air bladder for optimal pressure management combined with the airflow properties of the Sil-Air silicone foam base to help keep skin cool and dry. The contoured Sil-Air silicone foam base optimizes positioning and stability, and is waterproof and antibacterial. A compact hand pump fits in an integrated carrying pouch, and a solid seat pan insert is included. Synergy Spectrum Air has a 350-pound weight capacity, and sizes include 14″x12″ to 24″x24″. The product is engineered to provide enhanced stability and support, accommodating patients who require moderate to high skin protection. It also offers lateral and antithrust support for clients in need of moderate positioning, and is designed to reduce bacteria and odor. The cushion is also built to prevent bottoming out or high pressure resulting from overinflation. HCPCS code is E2624/E2625 (Adjustable Skin Protection) and MSRP is $499 E2624/$549 E2625.



Ride Designs

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Products: Ride Custom Cushion, Ride Java Cushion, Ride Forward Cushion

Ride Designs cushions aim to provide improved postural control, mobility, and skincare to pediatric and adult users, with custom sizing available. Ride Custom Cushion can aid in postural control and skin protection for complex seating cases, as well as to improve sitting stability for increased functional performance. The cushion design is simple and adjustable, with the ability to change over time, and reduce heat and moisture buildup. The new Java Cushion aids in reduction of pressure and tissue deformation, helps keep skin cooler/dryer; lightweight, and improves sitting stability for increased functional performance. The Ride Forward Cushion is built to provide skin protection and sitting comfort, as well as help keep skin cooler/dryer (inner incontinent-resistant cover). A 2-year warranty is available. HCPCS codes are as follows: Ride Custom Cushion (E2609), Custom Fabricated Seat Cushion. Ride Java Cushion (E2624), Skin Protection And Positioning Wheelchair Seat Cushion, Adjustable, Width Less Than 22 Inches, Any Depth. Ride Forward Cushion, (E2607) Skin protection and positioning wheelchair seat cushion, width less than 22 inches, any depth. Ride Custom Cushion MSRP ranges from $1,480 to $1,720 (accessories/modifications additional), Ride Java Cushion MSRP is $475 (accessories additional), and Ride Forward Cushion MSRP is $425 (accessories additional).



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Products: ROHO High Profile Single Compartment Sensor Ready Cushion with Smart Check, ROHO Mid Profile Single Compartment Sensor Ready Cushion with Smart Check

The cushion technology is an adjustable, air-filled, cellular design wheelchair cushion that utilizes Dry Floatation Technology. It is intended to conform to an individual’s seated shape to provide skin and soft tissue protection, and an environment to facilitate wound healing. Smart Check now has the built-in technology to assist in setup to ensure proper inflation of the cushion. ROHO High Profile and Mid Profile Single Compartment Sensor Ready Cushions are designed with features such as shape fitting, which allows cushions to constantly conform and track movements of the body. The skin protection offered by Dry Floatation is another feature designed to provide exceptional skin and soft tissue protection. These cushions are sensor ready, and come standard with a quick disconnect port that allows them to connect to Smart Check. There is no weight limit when the cushion is properly sized to the individual. The Smart Check device is a sensing device designed to set up and monitor an individual’s inflation range. A press to check inflation monitor can store an individual’s inflation range, and the device offers a virtually unlimited ability to check whenever and wherever. Additional features include two setup modes, automatic power off, and the ability to reset. Offered to pediatric, adult, and bariatric users. The Smart Check device works exclusively with ROHO Sensor Ready cushions, and is a cushion feedback system intended to assist the user to set the inflation range for cushion setup. HCPCS codes are E2622 and E2623. MSRP is $618 for the cushion and the Smart Check device. A heavy-duty cover option is available.



Star Cushion Products Inc

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Product: Stabil-Air Cushion (Air cell with internal contoured foam)

The Stabil-Air was created to be the ideal blend of a multicelled air cushion with contoured foam internal to each of the air cells. The internal foam aims to provide two central benefits. First, the internal foam is contoured, so that there is taller foam around the outside, with shorter foam for the leg troughs, the buttocks, and the coccyx. This contoured layer of foam is designed to provide a shell of stability and help ease transfers on and off of the cushion. The second central benefit is that the foam provides a backup or secondary layer of skin protection, which aims to prevent the cushion from ever fully bottoming out. These benefits were provided with the aim of giving a user or care provider “peace of mind” that comes from knowing if the multicelled air cushion ever loses air, the user is safeguarded by a backup layer of skin protection. Pediatric, adult, bariatric, and custom sizes are all available. This air cell cushion with foam internal to the air cells is engineered to provide a backup layer of protection. It is a second-generation hybrid cushion, and instead of half foam/half air, the entire cushion provides the immersion benefits of air, with the stability benefits of the internal contoured foam. The product is also offered in 5-inch-high cells. HCPCS codes are E2622, E2623, E2624, E2625, and E2609. MSRP is $480 for the Stabil-Air cushion 2-inch, 3-inch, and 4-inch, and $500 for Stabil-Air 5-inch-high cushion. The Stabil-Air Cushion is offered with a 2-year warranty, hand pump, cover (incontinent option available), and repair kit. Star Cushion describes its wheelchair cushions as products that promote independence and support the lifestyle to which today’s mobility device users are accustomed. Each cushion is made at the company’s Freeburg, Ill, facility.



Stealth Products Inc

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Products: Stealth Custom Seating, I-Drive Alternative Drive Controls, I2I head neck and shoulder positioning system, DYNO, True Forming Back, Lightweight Pediatric Back, I-Fit Soft Goods

Stealth utilizes ADI custom fabrication to provide client-specific seating systems. The company reports that it focuses on quality and precision manufacturing to create products that excel in form, fit, and function. Stealth’s product line offers a large variety of positioning possibilities, versatility to mount to many types of mobility bases, and adaptability to accommodate changing needs. The company supports clients of all ages and sizes, from pediatric to bariatric. Custom features provided by Stealth Products include FSC (Full Surface Contact) lateral Pad Mounts in which the ball and socket pad mount provides unlimited angle adjustability for broad surface contact for lateral supports, as well as TWB Hardware. Whether users want to add positioning components for the head, trunk, or pelvis, the TWB Link style hardware can provide  articulating adjustment for precise pad placement. The Adjustable Medial Thigh Pad is an additional custom feature. This customizable pommel is built to provide a wide range of pad positions and offered as a flip-down-style attachment. Stealth Products has available options in the following HCPC codes: E2609, E2617, E0955, E0956, E0957, E1028, K0108, E0978, E0960.



Sunrise Medical

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Product: JAY Signature Series

JAY Signature Series products are described by the company as the result of extensive research and customer feedback, and are the most elite products among JAY’s clinical seating. The Signature Series includes the JAY Ion, Zip, Union, X2, J2 Series, and Fusion cushions, and the JAY J3 and Zip backs. These products are designed to provide options for a range of client needs and preferences, from pediatric clients to active clients looking for the lightest weight option, to clients requiring superior skin protection and positioning. These products are reported to feature JAY’s most progressive designs and advanced materials to provide an excellent combination of support, comfort, and protection. Signature Series technologies include JAY contoured foam, Visco memory foam, JAY Flow fluid, ROHO Dry Flotation air inserts, water-resistant inner covers, and antibacterial outer covers. Retail pricing for these items begins at $395 for cushions and $505 for backs. Sunrise Medical reports that through the JAY Your Way program these products are available with custom modifications—many at no charge—including foam base modifications, fluid insert overfills and underfills, and painted backrest shells. JAY Signature Series cushions fall within the E2607/8, E2622/23, and E2624/25 HCPCS codes, and Signature Series backs fall within the E2613, E2614, E2615, and E2620 HCPCS codes.




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Product: Stimulite Honeycomb Cushions

Stimulite Honeycomb Cushions are made to provide total pressure management in a design that includes pressure relief, reduced shearing, and ventilation to control heat and moisture. Lightweight, machine-washable cushions are built for easy care and upkeep, and help promote clean, healthy skin in pediatric, adult, and bariatric sizes. Custom sizing is available. Stimulite Honeycomb Cushions are also made to be breathable, permeable, low maintenance, machine-washable, and have excellent stability. HCPCS codes are E2603 and E2607, with MSRP ranging from $188 to $487. Wheelchair backs, cushion overlays, and mattress overlays are available.



Symmetric Designs

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Product: Free Form Seating

Free Form Seating custom seat backs are engineered to simplify complex custom seating. Free Form Seating aims to provide a custom-fitted backrest that will change with a person’s postural needs. This adaptive system offers the fitter the ability to contour the shell to the exact needs of the user. As a person gains or loses weight, as they develop a need for more or less support, and as young people grow, this custom seating solution is designed to adapt. Free Form Seating is a custom seating system built to offer excellent flexibility in fitting and changing. Appropriate for pediatric to adult users, all completely customizable. Free Form Seating is 3D mouldable for even pressure distribution and the ability to increase support anywhere on the shell. Easily adjustable shaping can be modified to adapt to the user’s evolving needs. Made to easily accommodate a kyphosis, scoliosis, and any other postural support needs, and has easily adjustable lateral position. Can increase or decrease the size of the laterals by adding or removing clamps, and can be adjusted for angle, depth, and height. Offered with a breathable, washable cover and available in three preshaped sizes, custom configurations, or full sheets for assembly into virtually any shape. Options include a universal headrest mounting bracket, extra covers, and shell components. Aluminum clamps and glass-reinforced nylon joining balls provide an extremely strong shell that is engineered to have a small amount of flexibility to absorb vibrations and provide a dynamic feel while still being supportive. Product has a low-profile, 21-mm-thick shell, and quick-release mounting hardware. A full range of attachment hardware, innovative mounting clamps, and covers is available. Miscellaneous HCPCS codes. Complete back kits available starting at $2,895 MSRP.



Tekscan Inc

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Product: CONFORMat

CONFORMat is a portable pressure mapping system engineered to clearly identify and quantify areas of high pressure in the back and seat, so therapists know exactly how well the pressure is distributed in their patients. It can be used to validate cushion selections, identify unseen asymmetries, aid in custom seating development, and provide patients with clear visual feedback. The CONFORMat is intended to help users determine optimal positioning and cushioning for each patient, reducing the risk for pressure sores or ulcers. The system provides data about peak pressures and contact area in real time on a PC, so the effect of adjustments can be observed easily. It also is designed to help identify pelvic asymmetries that are not always easy to see during a regular evaluation by allowing users to objectively compare weight distribution between right and left, and front and back. CONFORMat can be used with adults or children, and is built to be a useful tool for evaluating seating and positioning for anyone affected by limited mobility. The CONFORMat is designed to be extremely flexible, so it truly conforms to the contours of the human body. HCPCS codes depend on the service provided and policies in effect. Cost for the system ranges from $5,995 to $16,995, depending on the number of sensors, hardware, and software required.


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Product: Evolution cushion

The Evolution cushion is manufactured as a seating system with a focus on wheelchair users who have a high risk of tissue breakdown and symmetric positioning needs. Evolution is self-inflating and designed to offer superior pressure distribution, positioning stability, comfort, and simplicity for the pediatric, adult, and bariatric user. VARILITE Air-Foam Floatation construction uses air for pressure distribution and support, and multistiffness foam for stable pelvic positioning. Evolution cushions less than 22 inches are $364. Evolution cushions greater than 22 inches are $442. A 2-year warranty excludes cushion covers. HCPCS codes are E2622 Skin Protection Wheelchair Seat Cushion, adjustable, width less than 22 inches, any depth, and E2623 Skin Protection Wheelchair Seat Cushion, adjustable, width 22 inches or greater, any depth.



Vista Medical/PatienTech

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Product(s): BodiTrak Seat and Bed sensing system for clinical assessment, BodiTrak Monitor for seat and bed 24/7 monitoring of patients, BodiTrak Balance and Gait assessment systems

Built to serve as the next generation of pressure mapping technology for clinical assessment and monitoring, the company’s product lines are based on a stretchable, breathable Lycra sensor that does not limit the performance of the seat cushion or support surface. BodiTrak is designed to be easy to install, use, and maintain. Durable, stretchable, hammock limiting hospital-grade cover. Easy to use Windows and Android software. Fast dynamic recordings. Seating Protocol Wizard Powered and connected via a USB cable, no external electronics. Also, connect with the company’s wireless adapter. Designed for use with all ages and sizes. Custom applications and sizes welcome. Stretchable fabric sensor is designed for top of cushion or in-cushion use. Built for ease of use and sharing of software in Windows and Android 4. One connection with electronics on board and embedded calibration file—easily move from computer to computer. Sensor can be built into cushions and support surfaces. MSRP is $1,500 to $5,000.