Two hospitals in the United Kingdom have introduced Nintendo’s Wii Fit computer console into their physiotherapy departments to aid the rehabilitation of young patients.

The idea was the brainchild of a 12-year old patient and staff members at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, UK, which  has purchased two game consoles and fitness games to benefit youngsters undergoing treatment. Nintendo Wii Fit aims to promote health and fitness through active games.

"Wii Fit is a great way of using computer games to stimulate interest while performing exercises which can be uncomfortable," says Lesley Walters, head of physiotherapy, NHS Foundation Trust. "Physiotherapy sessions for children and young people often use play or diversion techniques to get them to overcome any discomfort or stiffness they may feel.

The consoles were purchased with funds from the Incubator Appeal, which uses donated loose change, old money, and foreign currency for good causes at the Trust.