Anodyne Therapy LLC, Tampa, Fla, announced that it has entered into a 3-year preferred provider agreement with HealthSouth for infrared photo energy therapy products.

HealthSouth is one of the leading national providers of outpatient and inpatient rehab services with over 1,200 facilities nationwide.

“We are extremely pleased that HealthSouth has selected us as their preferred vendor for light therapy products,” says Craig Turtzo, CEO.  “As the only photo energy modality with 11 peer-reviewed studies and unparalleled marketing support, we believe we are uniquely positioned to support HealthSouth’s objectives of improving both clinical and business outcomes.”

Anodyne Therapy technology is currently available nationwide at nearly 5,000 outpatient therapy facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, physician offices and home health agencies as part of a comprehensive program to improve functional outcomes for patients suffering from painful, circulatory conditions caused by diabetes and other chronic conditions.  Products are also available for convenient home use. 

For more information, visit www.anodynetherapy.com.     

[SOURCE: Anodyne Therapy LLC, October 2006]