EarlySense reports that it has been awarded a Federal Supply Schedule Contract (V797p-4344B) with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for its EarlySense System. Currently, the system is reportedly installed in a variety of VA Medical Centers. It is built to allow caregivers to place a contact-free sensor under the mattress, or within a cushion of a chair and monitor patients’ heart rate, respiratory rate, and motion on a continuous basis.

According to a news release from the company, the award will help streamline the purchasing process for Veterans Affairs Medical Centers to gain access to the EarlySense System, which is built for proactive and personalized patient care for general care non-ICU patients. The EarlySense Monitoring System is intended to allow VA Hospitals to facilitate timely interventions for veterans in non-ICU settings by allowing for continuous monitoring and highlighting individuals who may show early signs of deterioration or excess motions and may require clinical intervention.

The release reports that a recent outcome study encompassing more than 7,600 patients published in the American Journal of Medicine indicated that the rate of Code Blue events decreased by 86% partially due to early detection of deterioration. Additionally, clinicians report that patients’ falls from bed and hospital acquired pressure ulcers were also reduced by motion monitoring and response with the EarlySense System.

Todd Barnett, director of Government and Strategic Accounts, EarlySense, emphasizes the company’s excitement that it will now be easier for additional VA Medical Centers to provide this type of patient care to help improve outcomes for veterans.

“In addition, EarlySense has been working within individual VA Medical Centers in an effort to assist them in improving the overall care delivered to veterans,” Barnett says.

Source: EarlySense