Recently, Spaulding Rehabilitation Network (SRN) and the Harvard Medical School Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation hosted the annual Ralph and Irene Epstein Rosenthal Memorial Lecture. A total of 150 healthcare professional and educators reportedly attended. 

The topic of the lecture titled. “From Battlefields to Ballfields: The Impact of Post Concussion Syndrome.” Individuals who spoke on the topic included Ross Zafonte, DO, vice president of research and medical affairs, SRN, Andrew Judelson, MD, physiatrist, Spaulding Cape Cod, Beth Adams, MEd, LRC, Neurotrauma Rehabilitation Specialist and Spaulding Hospital North Shore Case Manager, and Boston Bruins head trainer Don DelNegro. Emily Riemer, co-anchor of WCVB’s weekend EyeOpener, emceed the event.

Recent statistics indicate that 4 million concussions are suffered in youth sports per year. Additionally, the incident of concussions reportedly peaked in Iraq and Afghanistan with 1 in 10 soldiers suffering blast related concussions.

Zafonte emphasizes the importance of staying alert to the potential of concussions, “New information is being published all the time and from our heroes and combat to professional and amateur athletes awareness if of the utmost importance,” Zafonte says.

DelNegro reiterates Zafonte’s words, acknowledging that the awareness of concussions has grown among professional athletes. However, DelNegro says tools recently implemented by organizations to protect against concussion, including baseline testing and return to play guides, must be paired with a training and medical team in order to provide full support. 

DelNegro also encouraged that parents and coaches investigate their player’s helmets. He says that while designs of helmets have improved, “They are not designed to last forever. Parents, players, and coaches should check the certification date, check the helmet for any damage, and replace them regularly to maximize their effectiveness,” DelNegro says.

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Source: Spaulding Rehabilitation Network