South Coast Improvement, with locations in King of Prussia, Pa, and Marion, Mass, recently announced in a news release that it has adopted and implemented the Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) Matrix of Precautions for Construction and Renovation in the construction and renovation of long- and short-term care and older adult care facilities. Though intended primarily for the hospital setting, Tom Quinlan, South Coast Improvement owner, opted for the ICRA Matrix’s integration since long- and short-term care and older adult care facilities parallel the characteristics of the traditional hospital setting.

The release notes that the program considers multiple facets including the impact of disrupting essential services to patients and employees, locations and handlings of known hazards, the determination of specific hazards and protection levels for each, and the assessment of external as well as internal construction activities. 

“The matrix looks at the scope of working being done, where in the facility it is being done and clearly defines the precautions to be taken based on the nature of the work to be done,” Quinlan explains. 

South Coast Improvement reports that in using the ICRA Matrix in short- and long-term care and older adult living environments, it aims to provide maximum protections against infection to its clientele.

Source: South Coast Improvement