The Rocky Mountain ADA Center (RMADA) launches two free online interactive training courses intended to teach business, individuals, and public entities the proper etiquette when dealing with people with disabilities.

The first course aims to help participants understand the Americans with Disabilities Act’s definition of disability and how to interact with a person with a disability.

The second course, a continuation of the first, looks at the best practices for interacting with specific disability types. This course could assist anyone who works with the public, where good customer service is an essential part of the job.

Each course takes a little over an hour to complete. Although they are free, participants will need to create a login to join.

“Written documents and overviews can be helpful but true learning takes place when a person has the opportunity to engage in training and visualize how the information is applied in a real world setting. This is what we offer with these two free courses,” says Chris Phelps, RMADA Project Consultant and etiquette course project-lead, in a media release.

Future courses will cover reasonable accommodations, service animals, voting accessibility, and physical accessibility.

For more information, visit Rocky Mountain ADA Center.

[Source(s): Rocky Mountain ADA Center, PRWeb]