Following the recent severe storms in the Southeastern US, Paralyzed Veterans of America has proactively offered a disaster relief grant to paralyzed veterans and their families who were impacted by the storms.

“It’s one thing to suffer severe property damage. It’s quite another to suffer that on top of living with a catastrophic disabling condition incurred while serving your country,” explains Sherman Gillums, Jr, deputy executive director of Paralyzed Veterans, in a media release from the organization.

“Veterans who have paralysis or polytrauma have few, if any, viable alternative living arrangements when natural disasters occur,” he adds.

Paralyzed veterans and their families who have suffered demonstrable losses as a result of the storms, or other natural disaster, are encouraged to file for financial assistance through Paralyzed Veterans of America’s Disaster Relief Fund. The fund provides $1,500 or more to any veteran or veteran’s family, and helps provide relief for those in need, the release explains.

For more information, visit Paralyzed Veterans of America.

[Source(s): Paralyzed Veterans of America, Business Wire]