January 7, 2008

Carmel, IN – The National Medical Alliance (NMA) has reported that, effective immediately, it has been named the Master Distributor for all Naimco products in the United States, and will become the distribution hub for dealers marketing Naimco products to the rehabilitation industry.

Naimco is the manufacturer of brands such as Iontoplus, Rich-Mar, Sonic-Stim, Sun Pak and SuperStim self adhesive electrodes, all targeted to the physical rehabilitation industry.

“After careful consideration, the NMA seemed to be the entity best suited to partner with us for the future,” Chad Morgan, president of Naimco, says. “We intend to capitalize on the distribution expertise and experience the National Medical Alliance offers to the rehabilitation industry.”

NMA also reports it has entered into a company stock value appreciation agreement with Naimco, and both entities will earn shares of stock in the other’s company, based on terms of the agreement.

"The National Medical Alliance is looking for strategic partnerships that offer more than just short term profits,” Bob Harada, chairman of the NMA board of directors, says. “We seek opportunities to enhance and strengthen the role of the independent distributor for the long term in this market.”

NMA operates a logistics facility dedicated to assisting its member distribution centers across the United States and Canada. The Naimco manufacturing facility is located in Chattanooga, Tenn.

Source: National Medical Alliance