Michael Duncan, Even Par Enterprises president and CEO, Red Wing, Minn, has reportedly been asked to appear on the Colin McEnroe Show, a program on public radio station WNPR, Hartford, Conn, June 12 between 1:40pm to 2 pm EST. The war veteran and developer of the assistive device, Lend-a-Hand, is slated to discuss the invention process, the inspiration that spurred the inception of his device, how he executed the design, and how the flaws in the design inspired improvement in the product.  According to a recent news release, Duncan will also be asked to share his experience, stemming from the moment of inspiration for the Lend-a-Hand to its completed design.

Two additional guests will join Duncan during the program, including a designer who is slated to discuss the process of design and a city commissioner who patented a public lavatory seat for his community after observing how its original design could be improved.

The release notes that the Colin McEnroe Show is a locally produced daily public radio talk show dedicated to exploring the themes of life that surround the public on a daily basis but are not always noticed. Listeners yield from Connecticut, parts of Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New York.

Source: Even Par Enterprises