According to a recent survey of primary care clinicians whose work includes wound care, access to products that successfully offload the heel for improved pressure ulcer prevention are highly desirable. Ease of use, durability and easy-to-clean designs were among the characteristics survey respondents most preferred.

The survey rests were gathered by Kelly Market Strategies on behalf of Evanston, Ill-headquarteerd DM Systems Inc., a manufacturer of patient care products targeted for wound care, casting, resistive exercise and rehab.

Survey respondents are described in a media release from DM Systems as those who work in wound care with surgical or immobile patients. In that same release the company states that survey takers indicated that because pressure ulcers are difficult to treat and heal, having products that successfully offload the heel are essential to prevent pressure ulcers.

The survey findings pointed to six major characteristics that respondents felt were preferable among heel offloading devices, including ease of use, prevention of foot drop, and effective management of heat and moisture.

Additionally, those who responded to the survey indicated the preferred products that restrict foot rotation, are durable and easy to clean, and comfortable for long-term wear.

[Source: DM Systems Inc]