Helping physical therapy students refine their approaches to conducting examinations, performing documentation, and creating treatment plans is the focus of a new book titled, “Physical Therapy Examination and Assessment.”

The book is authored by Antje Hueter-Becker, a physical therapy teacher and physical therapist in Neckargemünd, Germany, and Mechthild Doelken, PT, a physical therapist at the School for Physical Therapists, Mannheim, Germany. According to a media release from New York-based Thieme Publishers, the publication is intended to provide physical therapy students with logical, step-by-step guidance about how to perform examinations, document findings, and draw up individual treatment plans.

The overall aim of this book, as stated in its preface, is to clarify that a physical therapeutic diagnosis is a prerequisite for treating patients individually and effectively in order to help them to enjoy the best possible participation in life in the best-case scenario.

According to Thieme Publishers the book will be particularly valuable as a resource for first- and second-year physical therapy students, helping to enrich their learning experience and enabling them to successfully examine and evaluate patients.

[Source: Thieme Publishers]