Advanced Arm Dynamics (AAD), Redondo Beach, Calif, which provides of upper-extremity prosthetic rehabilitation, has introduced an all-new synthetic silicone skin protection for upper-extremity amputees.

The skin protection provides amputees with a more comfortable fit and a significant increase (up to 50%) in their range of motion, the company says. The custom silicone skin protection eliminates the outside sleeve and creates an air tight seal.

"These new liners quite possibly could be fit for up to 90% of the upper-extremity population," says Rob Dodson, associate clinical specialist with AAD. "Essentially, we provide a very intimate skin fit, like rolling on a second skin for protection of the person’s limb. We combined the protective element with optimal suspension of the prosthesis."

AAD empowers patients to return to work and lead active lifestyles by working with each patient throughout the fitting and rehabilitation process. The company’s services include state-of-the art technologies and techniques, rehabilitation planning, insurance justification, and authorization negotiations, occupational therapy, psychological counseling, and a patient-to-patient mentoring program. Its Centers of Excellence facilities are located in Texas, Iowa, and Oregon.

[Source: Medical News Today]