The [removed]World Confederation for Physical Therapy[/removed] (WCPT), London, introduces its first worldwide photography competition, aiming to raise awareness of physical therapy and the role it plays in global health.

Photographs may be submitted by amateurs and professionals. Outstanding images are being sought from across the range of physical therapy; practice, education and research.

The images may be used on WCPT’s Web site, in print publications, and in presentations.

The winning images will:
• reflect practice of high quality
• show physical therapy across the lifespan
• illustrate the full scope of practice and a variety of practice settings

Photographers should provide evidence that any necessary permissions have been obtained, especially if patients/clients are featured in the photographs. Students, models, and actors may be used.

The deadline for submitting entries is January 20, 2009. E-mail entries (or direct questions) to: Mia Lockner, at [email protected]. Winning entries and selected photographs will be featured on the WCPT Web site.