SyncThink announces a new partnership with the University of Georgia Athletics Association. As part of the partnership, the EYE-SYNC concussion management technology will be employed among the university’s 19 athletic programs.

Georgia now joins a host of NCAA programs such as the University of Texas, Notre Dame, and the Pac 12 Conference to incorporate the novel eye tracking solution as part of the institutional concussion management program.

“Onboarding such a prestigious program as University of Georgia is further example of using EYE-SYNC’s objective measurements of injury and performance as a best practice in the care of athletes and optimization of their training program,” says SyncThink CEO Laura Yecies, in a media release.

“We’re excited to continue working with top organizations adopting our platform as part of their athlete management protocol.”

The SyncThink platform incorporates a multi-modal assessment inventory featuring the FDA cleared EYE-SYNC technology, which uses a modified virtual reality goggle to objectively measure and detect visual impairments in less than a minute. The technology was developed through extensive research over a 10-year period by Stanford neurosurgeon Dr. Jamshid Ghajar.

“Certainly, partnering with Ron Courson and the University of Georgia is a great opportunity for us,” adds SyncThink CCO Scott Anderson, in the release.

“I expect we will see them do some interesting things with our solution in an effort to more comprehensively understand how to ensure their athletes are ready to perform at their best. Objectively measuring readiness is a new frontier and what we are all about.”

SyncThink continues to focus on the application of its core EYE-SYNC technology to bring objective eye-tracking analytics to the sidelines and clinic. The SyncThink platform is a comprehensive and objective assessment tool that measures dynamic visual attention and includes cognitive and vestibular/balance assessments to examine the full spectrum of brain health, rapidly, reliably and accurately in a VR headset, according to the release.

[Source: SyncThink]