A wide variety of experts and renowned clinicians will gather together beginning today to attend Paralyzed Veterans Of America’s Summit 2012 From August 28 to August 30, the organization reports in a recent news release. According to the release, topics covered during the event will include molecular revolution, technological advances, and solutions that may assist in solving vital components in the often-enigmatic disease, multiple sclerosis (MS). 

Lana McKenzie, associate executive director of medical services and health policy for Paralyzed Veterans of America, reports that the, “big news out of the Paralyzed Veterans’ Summit 2012 is that we are getting much closer to curing paralysis and better treating spinal cord injuries (SCIs), and diseases and disorders.” The Summit was originally created to build on the organization’s 66 years of engaging and educating clinicians on behalf of its members, McKenzie says. “This Summit brings together leaders from all sectors, private, and public, with the end goal of improving care for patients and one day finding a cure for paralysis,” Mckenzie adds.

The release notes that expected highlights of the Summit include presentations centered on what has been called the “molecular evolution” and conducted by Stephen Waxman, MD, PhD, and Jeffery Kocsis, PhD, of Yale University. Waxman and Kocsis have been recognized internationally for their research in spinal cord regeneration and neuropathic pain. Additional highlights of the event include opening remarks today by Bill Lawson, national president, Paralyzed Veterans of American, keynote speaker Robert Petzel, MD, under secretary for health, Veterans Health Administration, as well as a range of a key paralysis-oriented topics presented by distinguished experts in the field.

According to the release, the Paralyzed Veterans’ Speedy TV will be broadcasting from the Summit with daily Summit recap shows airing online here. For more information about the Summit, click here.

Source: Paralyzed Veterans of America