A group of medical experts, in collaboration with public health education and communication company RIESTER, have launched The Pain Project, an online community for people living with chronic pain.

The goal of The Pain Project is to empower chronic pain patients and their caregivers to play active roles in their own pain management and wellness, without relying solely on opioids or surgery as available treatments.

“The use of opioids to manage chronic pain has grown at an astronomical rate and is now one of the most pressing public health problems we face in the US,” says Ben Bobrow, MD, chief medical officer for The Pain Project, in a media release.

“We now understand that chronic pain, which affects millions of Americans, is related not only to biological factors (eg, nerves, bones, and muscles) but also to social and psychological factors. The Pain Project catalyzes an essential shift towards self-reliance and intelligent pain management,” he adds.

The site features Tele-Pain Therapy, which enables clients to video chat with a certified pain therapist online, via a private and secure connection on their computer or mobile device.

Michael Munion, chief psychology officer of The Pain Project, states that, “Recent research indicates that the brain interprets chronic pain as a continuous threat. This interpretation leads to structural changes in the brain over time. These neurochemical changes result in increased pain, emotional trauma, and a feeling of helplessness.”

RIESTER supports The Pain Project. “The Pain Project is a rare opportunity to be involved in a far-reaching program that can be life-changing for so many people,” shares the company’s founder and CEO, Tim Riester. “It is one of the most innovative public health projects we’ve ever supported, and we look forward to chronic pain sufferers living happier and healthier lives.”

[Source(s): The Pain Project, PR Newswire]