According to a recent news release, the Saratoga, Calif-based Myelin Repair Foundation (MRF) and ENDECE Neural LLC, Mequon, Wis, have collaborated in order to expedite the advancement of potential myelin regeneration drugs for multiple sclerosis (MS) patients via pre-clinical studies and into Phase I clinical studies.

The news release reports that the MRF Translational Medicine Center will assess the effectiveness of proprietary small molecule compounds from ENDECE Neural in reversing myelin damage. Researchers will reportedly test the compounds using novel MRF MS models. James Yarger, PhD, president of ENDECE Neural, explains that the drug compounds do not target immune response and inflammation to slow relapses, but are instead designed to potentially restore muscle control and mobility, since “Without remyelination, there can be no cure for MS,” Yarger says. 

Jay Tung, PhD, vice president of Drug Discovery and Research Operations at MRF, articulates the organization’s excitement regarding the collaboration, as both organizations share a commitment to bring novel therapeutics to MS patients who cannot wait for cures. “By combining the innovative approach by ENDECE Neural to remyelination and the resources available at the MRF Translational Medicine Center, we can expedite progress towards developing new MS treatments for patients,” Tung says. 

Source(s): MRF, ENDECE Neural LLC