A decade of research has proven The SAFE-ZONE wrist support, a simple, safe, effective, and inexpensive solution to wrist pain. The products unique 20 safe-range-of-motion zone ends the immobilizing, work-interruptive, sleep-disturbing wrist pain that afflicts 2 million Americans every year.

Developed by Richard C. Reinhardt, The SAFE-ZONE wrist support provides work/play/sleep pain relief, plus an end to hand and finger numbness.

Now CTS (carpal tunnel syndrome) and chronic wrist pain sufferers can stop wrist pain safely and naturally, Reinhardt says. This support even promotes healing and prevents recurrence after CTS surgery.

Reinhardt, a practicing chiropractic physician for over 30 years, is a supervising clinician and teacher at Logan College of Chiropractic. Widely recognized for his CTS and repetitive motion injury research, Reinhardts findings demonstrate the majority of traditional wrist pain treatments are deficient.

Many fail to deliver pain relief, and some actually compound the injury, he says. For more information, visit www.StopWristPain,com.

[SOURCE: Business Wire, August 21, 2006]