The Glenolden, Pa-based Charcot-Marie-Tooth Association (CMTA) recently announced a joint initiative with Physiotherapy Associates, Inc (PTA), headquartered in Exton, Pa, geared toward improving treatment for Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) disorder. The initiative will target the development of improved CMT patient treatments through an educational module designed by CMTA and implemented by PTA clinicians.

The CMTA is a nonprofit organization committed to providing patient support, public education, promotion of research, and ultimately the improved treatment and cure for CMT. PTA, a provider of outpatient rehabilitation services, employs a team of physical therapists and healthcare practitioners who are dedicated to high-quality patient care.

Pat Livney, CEO of the CMTA, explains that, “Through a committed relationship with Physiotherapy Associates and their clinicians’ ability to implement the educational program, the CMTA is working to improve the quality of life for CMT patients across the country.”

Peter Grabaskas, PT, COO, Physiotherapy Associates, reiterates Livney’s sentiment, acknowledging that the combined efforts of CMTA and PTA are a powerful tool for CMT patients. “Our licensed clinicians offer one-on-one care to all our patients, and now CMT patients across the US will benefit from an increased knowledge of this condition,” Grabaskas adds.

The shared education and program development will assist patients seeking clinical providers for CMT services and treatments.

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Source: Physiotherapy Associates Inc