The BioFeedback Foundation of Europe (BFE) – Learn From the Best (LFB) program reports that it has introduced two new suites designed to use biofeedback to help practitioners enhance performance in singers and athletes. The first suite, the Limited Edition Voice suite, is designed for use alongside the ProComp Infiniti biofeedback system manufactured by Thought Technology, Ltd, West Chazy, NY, BFE-LFB reports. A recent BFE news release notes that in the suite, Adam Kirkpatrick, BM, MM, (pictured right) explains that sEMG biofeedback is used to help singers learn the lower laryngeal position. The approach reportedly provides users with real-time confirmation that they are activating the muscles necessary to maintain a lower larynx. Kirkpatrick demonstrates the benefits this system can provide and explains how it works in an exclusive online video.

The news release reports that the second suite is the Optimizing Performance & Health suite, designed by Vietta “Sue” Wilson, PhD. The suite was reportedly published by BFE for professionals, educators, and researchers who want to use biofeedback with athletes, executives, and other peak performers. The release adds the suite includes a specialized assessment script and Excel report designed to allow easy interpretation and implementation of a training program directly from Wilson’s practice.

The BFE-LFB adds that it also offers a program to assist top athletes, professionals, and performing artists in learning proper breathing techniques. The EZ-Air Plus is designed to help the user pace inhalation and exhalation.

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Source: BFE